Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Chowhounds are Letting The Dogs Out!

Just recently I have been on a hot dog kick. For some reason hot dogs just have been on my mind so I wanted to take the time to write about there you can find some good hot dogs.

First, I would like to write about The Dog of Nashville. The dog of Nashville is located in Hillsborough village. It used to be located off Nolensville Road, but the location has changed, which I think is for the better, because now more people can enjoy it. The dog of Nashville has various types of dogs to chose from, for instance it has your typical 1/4 pound hot dog, turkey dogs (which are surprisingly good and less fattening), all beef (Vienna), veggie, polish sausage ad brats. You can pick from a variety of buns as well, sausage roll, French bread roll, poppy seed roll (my personal fave) and the wheat roll. Also, for free you can chose from the average toppings of mustard, ketchup, relish, onion and mayo. Or you can pay extra for toppings that range from chili to guacamole…you name it they got it! My personal favorite dog is "The Diet Starts Tomorrow Dog," which obviously is not your "healthiest" option, but it is "dog-tastic!" First of all this dog is deep fried, bacon wrapped and covered in cheese sauce. I like to top mine with ketchup, onion and mustard and it makes for quite the feast! My other favorite is the "Fiery Redneck." This really gives a new meaning to the name "hot dog." It is wrapped in bacon and loaded with chili, cheese sauce, jalapeƱos, onion, and topped with mustard. For an extra kick, I like to top mine with some good ole Tabasco sauce. This will make your mouth burn for sure! The dog has several other great options for hot dogs. From their "Coney Island Dog" to their "Philly Cheese Dog" there is definitely will be one that strikes your fancy. The dogs are big, that is for sure. Every time I go in there I try to order 3, but can barely finish one, so don not let your eyes fool you. The Dog of Nashville also offers sides such as fries, tots, chili, slaw, baked beans, chips and onion rings. I prefer the tots and the rings over the fries. This is a great place to go with the family and kids. Check it out for your self and you will see why it is called The Dog of Nashville. http://www.thedogofnashville.com/

Another favorite place of mine is Hot Diggity Dog. HDD is a cute little establishment found near downtown Nashville. They have dogs ranging from traditional, veggie, Polish Sausage, Italian Sausage, Italian Beef, Turkey and Bratwurst. Their veggie dogs are some of the best in town too, I might add. My favorite dog there is "The Nashville Dog." The Nashville has Slaw, Mustard and Onion. Also, I enjoy munching on the "Chicago," which has mustard, onions, relish, tomato, sport peppers, pickle and celery salt. If you can fit this all in your mouth, you will love it! When I am feeling on the "crazy" side, I like to go for the "Boston." This dog has baked beans, onions and cheese. The flavors combined are quite tasty…in fact it will make you want another, for sure! Here, you can have things your way by choosing steamed or grilled. I like to have my dog grilled and extra crispy. HDD has many different condiments to choose form, so if you do not see what you want on the menu, then you can create your own masterpiece. I must say that HDD won #1 in 2006 for best hot dog/bratwurst in Nashville by The Nashville Scene and in 2005 they were also voted "Where the Locals Eat." So, whether you live in Nashville or you are just visiting be sure to check out Hot Diggity Dog, your taste buds WILL thank you.  http://www.hotdiggitydogstn.com/

Next on the list of my favorite hot dog spots is Noshville Deli. Noshville is a famous deli in Nashville, TN with four locations (Green Hills, Midtown area, Cool Springs and they have one in the Nashville airport). This well-known deli is a marvelous place to dine for breakfast and lunch. Noshville's has everything; breakfast all day (can't go wrong with b-fast), incredible sandwiches, hot dogs and much more. I have been dining at Noshville's for years and I would always get the sandwich or omelet, but just recently I started getting their hot dogs, and I cannot stop thinking of them! My favorite is the "Fran Cheesy." This is a 1/4 pound dog or 1/2 pound for the hungry folks out there. It is a beef dog accompanied with two slices of bacon on either side and covered in Smokey cheddar cheese, topped with a plentiful amount of creamy Cole slaw all placed in a poppy seed bun. Hands down, it is my favorite hot dog. I discovered it about 3 weeks ago and I have gone back to get it 3 times since! If you have not tried slaw on your dog, then do so, because you will never want to have it any other way! Noshville also has great fries, chicken salad, and the best Matzo Ball soup in Nashville, as well. You cannot go wrong when you eat at Noshville, but branch out one day and try their hot dog. You will not be disappointed.  http://www.noshville.com/

I have yet to try "I Dream of Weenie" hot dogs in East Nashville. This stop is next on my hot dog adventures. Also, I want to note that if you are traveling out of state to L.A. or Las Vegas and you are a hot dog lover , like myself, the be sure to try Pinks Hot Dogs. They are famous for their hot dogs, which literally "pop" in your mouth each bite. If you are traveling to Asheville, Wilmington, Writesville Beach, Carolina Beach or Boone. N.C, then do try Trolley Stop. This is another great hot dog destination that is famous for their steamed buns." Be sure and try the "Surfer Dog," if you go! Happy hot dog hunting!


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