Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jason's Deli

In the mood for a sandwich?

If so, check out Jason's deli. I know it's a chain, but it's actually really good! Located in Cool Springs and on West End, Jason's has almost any sandwich you can imagine and they all taste as good as they sound.

If you like salad bars, Jason's is also a great place to go. They have a large selection of salad toppings, not to mention... the tasty, little cornbread muffins that come with the salad bar! I also enjoy their soups. Everyday the have a variety of different fresh soups to chose from. The tortilla soup is always my favorite!

 I am not a big salad person, so I usually go for the scrumptious, large sandwiches. Some of my favorites are the Ranchero Wrap, the Smokey Jack Panini and my top ultimate favorite the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich.

Now, don't forget there are many choices. These are just my personal favorites. When I am watching the calories I tend to go with the Ranchero Wrap (with ranch on the side). This wrap is accompanied with jalapeños (I love spicy), cheddar, southwest spices, wheat wrap and served with blue tortilla chips and home made salsa. I enjoy the fresh taste that comes with each bite or this wrap. Very delicious and healthy if you get it without the ranch and maybe sub some fruit instead of those chips.

The Smokey Jack Panini is what I get when I am trying to watch what I eat, but I am feeling a little daring as well. With so many ingredients, it is definitely a party in your mouth! This sandwich is turkey, jalapeños, bacon, pepper jack cheese, roma tomatoes, Russian dressing (which is what makes the sandwich), and homemade guacamole. All these fresh goodies are pressed between two pieces of drench bread, lightly dusted with olive oil. Then, it is pressed just long enough to melt that pepper jack cheese.

Next on the list of tasty delights is the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich. I think I like this so much, because it is very similar to the Smokey Jack Panini. It consists of marinated chicken breast, guacamole, bacon, tomato, Russian dressing and Swiss (which both those flavors combined is delish). All ingredients are grilled on whole grain wheat bread. This is very good, but it would be even better grilled on a buttery bun.

I always have a hard time deciding between the Smokey Jack Panini and the Santa Fe Chicken, so I get one and my husband gets the other and we trade halves!

Jason's is a great family place to go. However, it has only one flaw. The price. For being a deli, the sandwiches are pretty prices. Two sandwiches with drinks may end up costing you over $20! It is good though, so I gotta say going once a while is definitely worth it! Enjoy and please tell us, what is your favorite Jason's sandwich?

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  1. I love the Club Royale, but Im going to try the Smokey Jack Panini the next time I go - Sounds fab!