Friday, October 9, 2009

Vittles in Beautiful Brentwood, TN

Today, I am going to write about Vittles.  Why?  Because I think it is a damn good place to eat.  Vittles is a eatery where you can get good ole southern cooking. 

They have good fried chicken, great pot roast, meatloaf and porkchops, which you can get grilled or fried.  I like their chicken fingers and fried chicken, because they use big, thick juicy peices of chicken.  And fried to perfection...I might add.

Vittles offers a wide variety of sides.  In fact, sometimes I just get the veggie plate.  The sides I prefer are the squash casserole, green beans, boiled cabbage (is really good).  The fried corn nuggets are "the bomb."  The greens are good.  Fried okra is good.  The mac and cheese is a little dissapointing, but all of their other sides make up for it and the fries are not my favorite. 

Recently, Vittles just started offering breakfast everyday from 6-10:30 AM during the week and they have a country brunch from 10:00-2:00 PM on Sundays.  I, personally, have not tried their breakfast, but I am sure it is delicious.  They offer your typical "basic" breakfast that has scrambled eggs, bacon etc.  In addition, they serve pancakes, french toast and breakfast burrito's.  The breakfast in a bowl sounds really good, it is layered with Vittles famous buttermilk buscuits, eggs and hashbrowns.  You can't go wrong with that one!  They also have omelettes as well.

Also, if you work in the brentwood area, they have grab and go breakfast items.  I would take that over MickyD's any day of the week!

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